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The Broken Elf King Chapter One

The Broken Elf King (unedited and may change)   Chapter One   The covered wagon jerked to a stop and my shoulder slammed into the person next to me. I mumbled an apology and then the back canvas flaps opened. “Out!” The slave trader barked and we all stood. It took quite an effort considering our hands were tied behind…

The Last Dragon King (First Two Chapters)

Chapter One   I hauled my kill over my shoulder and grunted under the weight of it. The cougarin had been a full-grown adult male and was my largest kill to date. He would bring enough meat to feed my mother and little sister for at least two moons, as well as give us something to trade at the market.…

Alpha Girl Chapter One

    Alpha Girl   Chapter One Sage and I burst through the forest as we ran blindly, away from the haunting howl of Sawyer’s voice. I felt him shut down inside of our bond.  He went completely numb and it killed me.  ‘I’ll be right back,’ I kept saying over and over, mostly to assuage my own guilt.  He…

Wolf Girl first chapter *Unedited

  Wolf Girl   Wolf Girl series Book One By: Leia Stone   Chapter One   Mondays. I hated Mondays, they were like your period, they just snuck up on you out of nowhere and ruined your week. I settled into first period with a literal troll breathing down the back of my neck. Starting my Sophomore year in college…

Perfect Match 3 chapters!

Preoder here.   Chapter One   Millie   I remember the exact moment that Colin became an organ donor. We’d been standing in line at the DMV, at the tender age of eighteen, and he checked the box. Just like that, he changed the course of our history. “Don’t do that!” I’d whisper screamed. “I heard they won’t revive you…