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Midnight King

Midnight King

Book 3: Shifter Island Series

After a vicious battle for the crown, I’m now Alpha King. My brothers are safe, as is my mother, but my fated mate Nai Crescent is…


In the middle of my coronation ceremony she disappears.

All signs point to a kidnapping, but the High Mage Realm is off limits for my kind.

I’ll be damned before I let anyone take her from me.

Unfortunately, Nai’s abduction isn’t my only problem.

Between the outcast shifters, the lower class mages, and strange deaths in Dark Row, I struggle under the weight of royal responsibilities.

The longer I rule, the more I discover how dirty the high mages are playing… and how desperate they are for power.

And I start to wonder if Nai was abducted, or if she left of her own free will.

Was fate wrong about us?

Told from Courage “Rage” Midnight’s POV, this fast-paced novella gives exclusive insight into the new Alpha King’s heart and mind after Nai’s disappearance.

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