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Kings of Avalier

Wolfed Series

Shadow Angel Series

Book One Book 1

Book Two Book 2

Book Three Book 3

Vampire Hunter Society

Shifter Island Series

Wolf Girl Series

Wolf Girl Book 1

Lost Girl Book 2

Alpha Girl Book 3

Mated Girl Book 4

Daughter of Light Series

The Titan’s Saga

Supernatural Bounty Hunter Series

Magic Bite Book 1

Magic Sight Book 2

Magic Touch Book 3

Dream Wars Series

Rising Book 1

Domination Book 2

Obliteration Book 3

Fallen Academy Series

Year One Book 1

Year Two Book 2

Year Three Book 3

Year Four Book 4

Dragons & Druids Series

Logan by Leia Stone

Logan Prequel

Skyborn Book 1

Earthbound Book 2

MagicTorn Book 3

Matefinder Series

Matefinder by Leia Stone

Matefinder Book 1

Devi by Leia Stone

Devi Book 2

Balance by Leia Stone

Balance Book 3

Matefinder: Next Generation

Keeper by Leia Stone

Keeper Book 1

Walker by Leia Stone

Walker Book 2

Hive Trilogy

Ash Book 1

Anarchy Book 2

Annihilate Book 3

NYC Mecca Series

Queen Heir Book 1

Queen Alpha Book 2

Queen Fae Book 3

Queen Mecca Book 4

Night War Saga

Protector Book 1

Defender Book 2

Redeemer Book 3

Water Realm Series

Water Blessed by Leia Stone

Water Blessed Book 1