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Dream Wars: Rising (First Three Chapters)

Hey guys! Dream Wars is on presale now and during the month of May I am donating $1 of every presale to (Talk about curing Autism Now) You can grab it here.  This book is CRAZY I really have no idea what I have written but I love it LOL. Check out the first three chapters below. It's been…

Logan: Skyborn prequel

Some readers are having trouble finding it for free on Amazon. So here it is! Enjoy.   Chapter One: Logan   THE SNOW WAS falling in soft white clumps, barely any light out yet on the dark winter morning. I took another sip of my black coffee and stretched my neck. For a little over one hundred years I’d never…


Hey guys. Skyborn is the first book in a new series for me. It will be available December 28th exclusive on Amazon. Here are the first two chapters to get you excited <3   SkyBorn A Dragons and Druids Saga By Leia Stone   Guide: Skyborn - Dragon shifters. Earthbound - Druids. Sorcerer – Witches diluted with human DNA, but…

YA Scavenger Hunt #129

Welcome treasure hunters!  Queen Heir is FREE today only, grab it while you still can. The Red Queen has fallen. Four heirs will battle it out for the crown. May the best shifter win. KINDLE UNLIMITED AU - UK - US -     You can also win these three books by leaving a comment on my…

Anarchy Hive book 2 presale!

It's up for pre-sale. Go and get it!