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So just a quick note to say that I am writing more romance this year (Like Wrecked) and I've started a Romance Readers group on Facebook if you want updates on JUST my romance stuff. (Hot cover reveal in there right now) Join us!

Saving The Fae- Preorder Blocked

Bummed to have to write this post. Amazon is always having issues and has many bots that flag books for different silly things. For some reason Saving The Fae: Daughter of Light Book Three got flagged for "having a cover or title similar to another book" (Umm like the first two in the series??? Cue maniacal laughter) and they BLOCKED…

Half Dead Chapter One

    Hey y'all! So here is the first chapter in a cool newsletter series that Linsey Hall and I are doing. We are giving you one chapter a week for the entirely of book one for free! We wanted to make our newsletters fun and engaging and thought this would be a cool way to do it. If you…

Publishing Schedule 2019-2020

Projected books for 2019-2020 THIS MAY AND WILL CHANGE. I am putting it up here as a goal to hit, do not hold it against me if I don't make these dates. LOL   2019 June-Julyish 2019 Magic Sight: Bounty Hunter Book Three Julyish 2019 Dream Wars: Obliteration Book Three  August/September 2019 Water Blessed 2 (MAYBE/Hopefully) Fall 2019 Demon Hunter…

Year Four-Sneak Peek

*SOILER ALERT* This is the first two chapters of Fallen Academy Four. DO not read unless you have read the other books. It drops on the 19th of April. Preorder here! Chapter One Lincoln’s back leaned against the campus building, while he looked at me wide-eyed. “You’re going to take training lessons from a fifteen-year-old?” He raised a skeptical eyebrow.…

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