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The Latest from Leia

Serving the Fae

Book 2: Daughter of Light

Serving the Fae

Will Lily be able to forgive Liam and form an alliance?

She must bring all of the crystals back to faerie and restore the lands. But Liam is hiding a secret and so are the elders.

If Lily can reveal the text in her mothers journal, she may just find the key to saving everything, including her heart.

Also Available

Wrath of the Gods

Book 2: The Titan's Saga

Wrath of the Gods


Maisey thought the worst thing to happen to her was Insta shaming or a midnight shift at the Crab Shack. Until she got dragged into the world of the gods.

Or more specifically, the world of one very annoying, bad at sarcasm, sex on legs, Titan.

Cronus was everything she never knew she wanted, or needed, in her life. And then he just left.