Happy dance!

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I have some amazing big news to share with you all! The Matefinder series has been optioned for film by a Hollywood producer and will be made into a major motion picture. A more formal announcement with press release to follow next week but I have been dying to share this news! This is all because of you, my readers, so thank you for the support. I will keep you posted on this movie deal every step of the way. <3 Much Love.

Water Blessed

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I have put a new book up for Pre-order on Amazon. I wrote it in between Matefinder 2 and 3. It’s Novella length and an interesting, fun read. Hope you enjoy!

Water Blessed
Ocean lives in a world where water is scarce. Her village names all of their females after water, in hopes of gaining favor with the Fates. For every 20 years a Water Blessed is chosen. Someone who can create water at will. Men take multiples water wives with the sole purpose of fetching water 10 miles away from the dangerous and crowded well. When Ocean finds herself being auctioned off to the highest bidder, Seth, a royal knight, changes her life forever. But what the Fates have in store for Ocean might prove too much and sometimes love isn’t enough.


Book 3

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I have received TONS and TONS of emails, posts, and comments about anticipating book three. I love the excitement! I am currently writing it! Half way through. Hang tight. I have some other things in the works that have taken up some time but more on that later. I will keep you guys updated! <3


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Hey everyone! Welcome to my new site. I will be posting updates about the Matefinder series here. I’m hard at work on book 3. Thanks for stopping by.